Krzysztof Kudryński

Flying services with a drone
Krzysztof Kudryński

A drone, a PC and a lot of patience. These are all the ingredients you need to start your adventure in the emerging world of flying services. We, as fanatic real-time strategy gamers, wanted our drone to listen to our commands given at the map level, revealing the terrain below it as it flies and creating a coherent and smooth map.
However funny and amusing, this will be a presentation about serious, high-level technology, unpredictable ideas and insistent scientific struggle to make all the algorithmic meat work on a flying machine.
During this presentation I will tell you how we created our first successful prototype, I will show the demonstration videos and will explain our technology based on video processing, accelerometer data control and localization using particle filtering algorithm.
If you are planning to remotely prepare the map of the Moon (or your living room), you cannot miss this presentation.

Hadi Hariri

Kotlin 102 - Beyond the basics
Hadi Hariri

This talk is about covering the language aspects that you usually don’t see in a 101 talk. Topics include amongst other:

  • Generics and how Kotlin handles Covariance and Contravariance
  • The secrets of inline functions in Kotlin
  • Reified generics and avoiding type erasure on the JVM
  • Lazy evaluation with sequences
  • Using delegation to leverage code reuse
  • Object invocations and lambdas with receivers for better DSL’s
  • A view of asynchronous programming with coroutines
Konrad Malawski

Akka in 2018 – the (Awesome) Road Ahead
Konrad Malawski

The last years have brought Akka the largest changes since the initial 2.x rewrite yet it remained fully compatible across the last years. With the new exciting modules like Akka Streams, Akka HTTP (including the most recent HTTP/2 work) and the new remoting reimplementation codenamed Artery, we've stepped into the era of Akka 2.5 already. Which again, remains backwards compatible as previous releases. What's in there, and what's next for Akka in general? And especially, what is in store for us in 2018?
In this talk we'll take a brief look back at the newest stable modules of Akka itself, as well as new projects such as Alpakka. Next, we'll continue with the (then present) 2.5 version and the stable high-availability CRDT support in Distributed Data, the 10x performance improvement in Artery Remoting as well as the new Multi-Datacenter features (you heard it here first!). Finally we'll have a sneak peek at what's coming in the next releases, which among other things include Akka Typed and more!